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Mexicans really do love Tequila!

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After a hectic Halloween children's party for all our students aged between 3 and 18 last Wednesday I felt sure I wanted to run away and never do a days work again. However, our lovely boss kindly gave us a 4 day weekend to recover and I now feel ready to face Monday. I was extremely proud of my little team of 3 and 4 year-old's who dressed up as miniature horrors. I'll have to get you a photo. I don't think they quite understood why their parents had dressed them in such strange little outfits and painted their faces/ back combed hair rather than brush it. Just a few of the funny conversations:

4 year old Ibrahim: “teacher I've got new teeth!”
Me: “Yes darling, today you are a vampire. ”
3 year old Eva: “teacher I can't go pee pee!” (wearing a witches one-zy)
Me: “oh dear how do you undo this one-zy?!”
4 year old Antonio: “teacher I don't want an eye in my jelly I don't like eyes in my food”
Me: “sweetheart its a sweetie! Try it!”

We decided to go to Merida, a beautiful colonial city 6 hours north. We went in search of a big parade and fiesta for the Day of the Dead Celebration but all we found was too much tequila, a bird from Sheffield and Lewy- the micro-phone of a band. We wondered around the town's markets and squares, eating a lot of yummy Mexican street food. The locals were extremely welcoming and we enjoyed having many a chin wag.

We then came back to Felipe Carrillo Puerto (FCP) to celebrate our bosses birthday. We drank a lot of tequila throughout the day and ate lobster and sheep. After 9 hours of sitting, drinking and eating the evening ended up with heated discussion about how people use swear words in the UK compared to the US/ visa versa. The strangest has to be that in the States calling someone a “spaz” means someone is hyperactive with lots of energy- in fact they referred to one of our students as a “spaz”. Lewy and I were HORRIFIED. I then introduced them to my guilty pleasure, Russel Howard, they loved his Bristol accent. Lewy then bought up politics so we decided to scoot before things got dangerous- we ended up at a local reggae gig and so we got our skank on Mexican stylee.

We had our house warming party last weekend. Some how it became the party of the year and a live reggae band came and played in our front garden (bongos trumpets and all!) Oh did I dance! Since (the evening not my dancing) we have made friends with some pretty cool people and life has become all the more fun :) We are even thinking of investing in a phone so we can be contacted!

Its only 6 weeks until we finish work for X-mas and venture off back to Guatemala (yeaaaa!) and in 18 days its a year since we have been away. “Golly gosh” I hear you say!

We have confirmation that Mr Tom Wigzell is coming to see the beginning of January in with us upon the white sandy beaches we are so lucky to call local. We also have Veronica and Len (Lewy's parents) visiting in Feb for which we are very excited. And then... my lovely mexican-man loving sister and the cheese to my pickle miss Emma Cahill are coming to see us in Easter! To put a cherry upon the deliciously sweet cake Lewy and I call life Mr Mori is then coming in May after successfully making it global as a DJ!(does this count as global?) Fantastic! We are such lucky buggers!

Aaaaaand I'd like to say how cool it is that our Nan's and Gran's read every one of our blogs!

Love to the love x

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Life-changing issues

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Staying still for a while often leads to a gradual shift away from the backpack mentality and towards a return to some degree of stability, routine and domesticity. The place that you choose to make your home will of course have a big impact on how your life works. For example if you know you cannot for the love of God find decent cheese in a 50 mile radius you end up avoiding recipes that rely on it. These environmental factors lead to living life a certain way. So I think it's fair to say after 10 weeks living in Felipe Carrillo Puerto we are getting used to it and and maybe we are 'living like Mexicans'. Sort of. So here is an easy to understand table of factors and the way in which we live, so that maybe you at home can compare it to your decadent Western lifestyles.


I am certainly not complaining about any of this,by the way. Just sayin'.

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New beginnings....

Living in Mexico


Good morning!

Its a beautiful sunny Saturday morning and Lewy has just left the house groaning sleepily that he has classes... we both know he will enjoy once he gets there but its never easy getting out of the hammock for work on a Saturday after 8 months of being a professional travelling bum!

At 7.30am I went for a run this morning (my new fad for this week); I met a great girl in Guatemala, Emily, living in Mexico City teaching. After telling me about the 10k runs she has been doing in the City I have been inspired and hope to join her on one this year.... so must get my lazy legs into shape! I quite enjoy the crazy looks I get from people who are arising to get their morning milk or feeding their scrawny chickens; the street dogs are not so much fun. I have to make a choice each time I see them a.) stop and walk so they don't feel threatened or b.) run as fast as my 2 foot legs will carry me and out run them and their smelly morning breath and gnarling teeth! Obviously a.) I dont want rabies and my insurance is about to run out.

Lewy and I are absolutely loving life right now and know we have made the best decision taking this job and coming to live in Mexico. Our town is one of only a small groups of towns in Mexico in which Maya is the first language (Spanish the second) and Maya culture is evident everywhere we turn. Whether its cycling past a group of ladies gossiping in Maya (a fascinating language); or being invited into an old gents house so he can tell you how this is the only town where the Maya took the Spanish as slaves or driving past the incredible murals on the wall... you know this is a really special town off the tourist track. We are only one hour from the picture postcard Caribbean sea yet we are in the middle of the jungle and there are only 7 of us white people 'gringos' in town.

We have been here a month now and have finally sorted a routine. 9-12 we work at the school Lewy planning and me marketing, we then eat lunch and siesta until 3.30pm then we both have classes we teach until some days 7.30pm and some 9pm. It has not all been this tranquillo though! For the first 2 weeks of our new job the whole team (4 of us) were out every day going to all the Kinder, Primary & Secondary Schools, College classes in town getting people to sign up and come to our private English Classes. Hard work but “vale la pena” worth the pain, as we now know everyone in town. One thing I noted was how all well off kids (those with cement walls) go to school in the morning; all those living in shacks - the glassy eyed kids go in the afternoons in much bigger classes and when the sun is scorching. In one of the primary schools we came across a cartoon poster on the wall to discourage drug use; it was a picture of a toddler injecting in his arm with a sad face with 'drugs are bad' written across the top. Photo on Facebook!

Id like to say thankyou to the family for sponsoring Fernando so that he can continue coming to class, his family are incredibly poor and so there is no way he could continue English Classes without you! He is now a very happy bean and pleased to have used some English talking to Mum on the phone!

So Iv said most people know us in town now and are very friendly; our neighbours even bring us round freshly cooked fish! But there are a few wierdos in town. Firstly a woman who owns a maternity clinic- yet she sells babies! Also a peeping Tom who hides in bushes and watches the kids coming out of school. Around the corner from us there is a house full of banditos (a gang); the son overthrew the mother and has invited all his crew members to live in the shack. They are now reproducing, killing eachother and generally being gangsterish. Lewy and I were cycling past the house one day last week after picking up our washing from the laundrette, the bag broke and he dropped my kickers all over the road infront of them. CRINGE. He did go and pick them all up for me.

The house is awesome. It has cement walls and a roof made out of palm leaves. When ever we have a glass of cold water we grab a lime from the tree in our garden and we have a tonne of oranges and grapefruites in the fridge fresh off our trees. We are being very environmental and Lewy has a compost heap growing in the garden! We have no bed, phone or internet so we spend countless hours swinging in the hammock, playing solitaire and Lewy playing the guitar. The shop opposite our house gives free shrimp and chilli soup every weekend when you buy a beer and the local food places are delicious! Tacos, Tortas, Fajitas eat your heart out! We also have Chaia growing in the back garden (like spinach) so we have been putting it in smoothies to make us grow big and strong! I found out I was allergic to wasp stings last week as I blew up like a balloon so I have been avoiding everything that flies.

Our first official TEFL job is going well. Lewy is a brilliant teacher and I like to secretly listen to him teaching when ever I can, the kids definitely think we are weird and crack up at our posh English accents. The other two teachers are American and so between the four of us we have formed a wierd kind of English.

Last week we ran a free 'Kinder Club' week, one hour a day, three times a week to see if children liked it before parents had to sign up. I found myself regretting taking this on as 18 hyperactive, three to six year olds took over my class room... shouting, drawing on the new school walls and needing 'pee pee' EVERY two minutes. Their little chubby Mexican faces are extremely cute don't get me wrong but they are incredibly frustrating... just color in the lines and pee before class!!!!!!!!! The class has now been broken down into an almost manageable 6 for me and 7 for Lewy. We shall not be having children for a long while yet!

So that's all for now. A few people have mentioned they may come over to visit this year which we are very excited about. And I'm off for my first ever professional massage from a local indigenous lady in town (nervous!)

We shall write again soon. Lots of love! x

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